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Any website application or the website itself, just like any software, needs to be tested for its quality and performance right after its development and right before its release. This testing enables us to analyze whether or not the developed web application or the website itself is performing properly on various devices with individual screen sizes. This process can be really time-taking if technologically rich tools are not available.

With the software, arena evolving into unbelievable phase time and again, every newly developed application after its preliminary development is put to testing and since testing has become one of the most critical parts of the development lifecycle, companies are keener on automated testing tools due to their instant result generation capacity. And, another fact is that the automated testing methods are quite expensive.

So, as a lifesaver for those who are looking for open source automated testing tools, a variety of them have matured a lot to deliver exquisite results. One such open source tool is the Selenium Automated Testing Tool.

 A Sneak Peek into the Advantage of Choosing Open Source

Selenium automated testing is one of the excellent open source software testing tools that is so flexible that it enables users to modify, extend and also share the available code, which is not really possible elsewhere. With its exclusive features, it actually helps programmers to completely bank on it for productivity and moreover, it’s a real timesaver. With this, programmers can manage and read codes like never before.

Platform Conveyance
Automated testing tools like the selenium automated testing tool, are great to use as they are time-savers and moreover they are extremely quick in the testing job. However, one challenge with such tools is that even if the programmer makes a minor change in the code, it has to be tested, which is a repetitive process.

  • One of them is that it has the capability to run on multiple platforms or browsers at the same time and therefore it is thoroughly portable. So, writing codes for various platforms are quite easy without having to worry about the tool’s functioning.
  • Other excellent features of the selenium testing tool are inclusive of the remote control mechanism, where the testers can test software from any location including cloud.
  • It’s very easy to use and it's capable in the User interface which provides 90% of the requirement of DOM testing, web application, flexibility etc.
  • This tool also is compatible with multiple languages. Be it, Java, dot Net, Python, Perl or the Groovy, integration with the development scenario is just so easy.
  •  It provides many tools for various types of testing and test cases. 
  •  It can be integrated without difficulty with the different type of set of tools that include Selenium grid, OMetry, Hudson, Saucelabs, etc.
  • It’s supporting AJAX and it can also be useful in Comprehensive Testing.

Due to many Advantages, selenium Automated testing is the widely using UI, Unit and regression testing. Most of tester and companies prefer automation testing services to save money, time and energy and get all advantages.

Why Is Selenium Automated Testing The Best?

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Automated software testing has become the common trend today. Manual software testing has become traditional process today that was highly time-consuming and tough too. Now automation testing is preferred by most of the reputed software organizations across the world.

At NexSoftSys, we offer Best Automated Testing Services with the help of sincere employees and sophisticated tools to give best software solution to accelerate your overall business growth and your profits. You just have to select the best testing tool check your software. We suggest the best testing tool to help you and our services can avail at best prices in the industry.

As you know, most of the people rely on mobile phones for continuous communication, games, entertainment, music, news etc. Even websites and internet domain can be accessed on mobile phones as never before. To maintain your trust, in the same way, we offer end-to-end trusted Mobile Automation testing services to ensure more usable and reliable software product for your business by the proper mobile solution. Our Mobile Automated testing includes Compatibility Testing, User Experience Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Functional testing, security & performance testing, localization and other various testing services.

Here are some steps of our Automation QA testing services given below:

•    First of all, we plan a testing strategy for the product after analyzing it.
•    Now test cases are defined for the product with aligned objectives.
•    For test cases, automated testing process is followed on a sample device.
•    Now detailed framework is defined to perform automation testing across multiple platforms.
•    Defects are detected and noted down
•    Improvements are made after careful monitoring.

The Monetary Benefits and continuous monitoring are the few reasons why automated software testing services from NexSoftSys has become so popular. Manual software testing was more expensive and time-consuming process, this is the reason most of the Companies have opted for automation testing services. The automated process not only speeds up testing for the software but assure complete bug-free product too. 

Explore Our Amazing Automated Software Testing Services At Nexsoftsys

Thursday, 4 February 2016

About Selenium Automation Testing Services

There are many companies which test different software in order to know more about it and explore its potentials. Software engineers spend a lot of time, testing software. Most of these companies have international standards and take utmost care to deliver the best services possible. Their Selenium Automation Testing Services ensure saving on time, operational expenses and development cost.

Explore More About Selenium Automation Testing Services

  • There are leading software companies that test software program to explore more about it and know about its potentials.
  • The Companies also suggest the necessary modifications to the software to make it more suitable for your business and profitable too.
  • The Software Companies make sure that best quality standards have been adopted to manufacture these software programs and it should be tested on various quality parameters before its final delivery. 
  • Traditionally software was tested manually that was highly time consuming and expensive too.

Today, Companies have switched to automated testing services that make operations fast and affordable too. A number of testing options are available to check software on different quality parameters. Out of all, selenium automation testing is considered best and preferable choice by experts. This is good for testing all type of software either they are used in government industries, tourism, offices, telecommunication sector etc.

Now almost all software Companies prefer testing the product before its final delivery. Software development is integral part of various organizations to improve their business and to maximize their profit. For this purpose, Company demands for most reliable software product that can accelerate their business operations. This is the reason developers more focus on validation work today. 

Selenium Automation Testing Services By Nexsoftsys

The testing services are highly managed and professionals given by experts. Selenium automation testing services given by NexSoftSys Expert Team is highly professional, managed and result – oriented.

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge Base About Selenium Automation Testing Services

Thursday, 28 January 2016

These days ‘digital’ is a new word that is creating a huge fan following throughout the years. Many organizations today prefer to have themselves digitally transformed in the new journey of ‘digitization’.

Yes, this is the only thing that needs businesses to expand and also explore. With the recent trends in technologies information, many organizations that were following traditional methods of QA testing have started following the new-age software testing methods and have looked upon the bigger sides of the coin. Well, undoubtedly this is one the best source for online and offline transactions. The anywhere-anytime customer interaction with the new techniques is also setting new and continuous possibilities to counteract the new ways. In a Software Testing Company, QA Staffing has been conducted with an aim to combine new tools, new artifacts, and most important new accelerators. 

How QA Staffing can succeed in The Digital Age?

Monday, 25 January 2016

Music is the soul hidden of any language. But, wait a sec why am I adding music to this offshore Software testing? That’s because now I would love to talk about the music of software investigation. Now, how can the music of software investigation come to anyone’s mind? That’s because, it has been all about the testing of skilled designs, executing it through a process and finally extracting out something from it. Just like, a music keeps a listener continuously engaged into new dynamics and so does the designing in testing is helpful. 

Well, to a greater extent, the relation between music and Offshore Software Testing Services doesn’t go perfectly well. But, to my concern, the end goal in both the cases is to hear the good sound, then develop your skills and ultimately, enjoy the soothing output you can get from the same. Ah ha! That’s something very interesting. In order to gather something more informative, we look and also open new interpretations, help in getting good extractions and also explore. Same is the case with testing. You need to be open up with new software testing techniques and finding new notes to match up your musical agenda and also testing agenda too. 

How Offshore Software Testing Services is Attracting People?

Well, offshore Manual Software Testing Center provides the customers with the benefits of software quality, usability and also more on the operations and the usability of the products. As the IT market is flourishing the new areas of research, there are many firms which are taking the advantages of the offshore OTCs in order to support the in-house team members. This would in turn help in improving the QA and also in saving time, money and more on the resources which have been allocated. The main task of the software teams is to provide the priority of the offshore team and design the tools all based on the performing specified business tools and strategies so that the output produced is far better and good. 

The quality of the product that we have depends on the effective communication strategies. In many organizations, offshore Testing does the work of providing the right music. Yes, it does. In many cases, it helps in giving you with the soothing output which will be beneficial in doing the right testing operations.

How Offshore Software Testing Services have Advantages?

You know when we talk about the errors; they can be detected in any spheres. But, it is always the responsibility of the tester to eliminate them and perform the right operation on it. Well, here are the advantages we get in the offshore Software Testing mechanisms:
  • We get software which is bug-free. That’s the first advantage of this.There is a prime focus on the development of your software with superior grace.
  • This is indeed the time-saving option we can say and project work is continuously going on by them. 
  • This is also effective in terms of the cost that people pay.
  • Your job is done more quickly and in much excitement.
These are indeed the best advantages one can get from the music of software testing. But also keep some points in mind like
  • Keep in touch with the offshore team and communicate well with them. 
  • Prepare a list of work to do and share with them to be sure that what you really want. 
  • Send details on Email rather than saying it orally. It will reduce chances of misunderstanding. 
Hope this will be helpful to you. If you are working with an Offshore Software company or you have any experience in the field you can write here.

Offshore Software Testing: From The Language Of Music

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Selenium Automated Testing
Modernization and technology advancements have changed the style how testing was performed earlier and how it is done today. Selenium Automated Testing Services have become really fast as compared to manual software testing. Now almost every organization has their personal software that they use for their business operations. This is necessary to test this software rigorously before its actual implementation. 

There is plenty of testing techniques available and selenium automated testing services by NexSoftSys considered best here for reliable software and assured results. As we know computer field is based on two architectures – hardware and software.

Hardware refers to physical components or circuit parts that are necessary to attach to make your computer in work condition. The computer or your software may stop working if any hardware part gets damaged or defected. The innovation in computer hardware components has made digital devices compact and even better than the past.

Download PDF on Selenium Automation Testing

The next thing comes here is software components that accelerate overall performance of the computer. Without software, a computer is like a human without a heart. The main software part inside a computer is the operating system without which computer will not work.

When it comes to software components, you have to be sure about computer security especially when it is taken from unknown vendors. Here experts are recommended to opt for selenium automated testing services that assure maximum machine security before its actual implementation. 

Testing operations are common and have become common in the modern world. Testing not only poses dangerous threats but they could not be installed or implemented properly.

Software with bug and errors may not secure to work because it will be in result to lose the data or data will be stolen. So it’s compulsory to test your software before going to use it and before going to share your personal details and database of your firms with software. Using selenium testing you can find all the errors which you may not find in the manual testing services. To check the security and find the errors, It is a normal tendency globally that all companies test their software and web before install or deploy to the customer.

As selenium Automated Software testing is automated, it saves time, money and energy. It overcomes all the drawbacks of manual software testing and provides accurate testing. Also there are many tools available for automation testing to select from depend on the needs, size, time, and many others. For ex. Licensed automation tools like WinRunner,QTP, Ranorex, Silk Test, QA Wizard Pro, Rational Robot, and QA Test are available to perform performance functional, and regression tests. Open source automation tools like as Selenium, SOAP UI, JMeter, WebDriver, JUnit, and many others available to do regression, functional, and performance test.

There are plenty of test engineers that perform Testing Operations carefully and make them highly compatible with your machine. Many of them have knowledge of Selenium Testing services and they are using it. You have to make sure that test engineers should be highly qualified, experienced and certified too. The leading software companies offer best automation testing services at the very professional level and affordable rates.

Assured Computer Security With Selenium Automated Testing Services

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